Dr.ssa Vera Panno

Conference Interpreter and Translator

Conference Interpreter and Translator

Any translation quotation request is calculated by taking into account several variables, such as:

  • Type of text (generic, technical, specialized)
  • File format
  • Turn around (urgency)

As regards interpreting services, costs are calculated based on:

  • Duration of the assignment (one hour, half day, full day, several days)
  • Interpreting mode (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, liaison)
  • Venue (whether the event is held in Rome itself or in another city/abroad)
  • Number of interpreters needed

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Office: Rome and Milan

Mobile: (+39) 328 3340717
Telephone: (+39) 06 89537730

E-Mail: verpanno@yahoo.it
Web: www.vpinterpreter.com
AITI: Associate Member

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